• Medical Doctor, Faculté de Médecine Paris V • DIU MMAA « Médecine Morphologique Anti Age » (anti-aging morphological medicine) Paris XII – the only certification program recognized by the Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins. • European DIU « Medical Lasers », Paris V • DUTIC « Injections and Fillers », Paris • « Anatomic course for face injections », Paris V • DU « Management of Obesity for Children and Young Adults

PRACTICE in ESTHELASER Office, Paris, Trocadero :

• Brand new offices which comply with standards of lasers and hygiène • Specialized in anti-aging morphological medicine and aesthetic laser therapies (especially permanent hair removal) • Extensive experience • Lasers : Alexandrite laser and Nd-Yag laser • All the treatments are realized by Doctor Lacoste. No treatment delegated to an assistant. Main treatments : • Permanent hair removal for white skins (alexandrite laser) and black skins (Nd-Yag laser) • Ingrown hair treatment • Laser skin tightening • Skin revitalization (“meso-lift” technique) • Brown spots, skin texture and photorejuvenation • Laser treatment of rosacea • Laser treatment of leg telangiectasia • Wrinkle injections and filers (botox, hyaluronic acid). No use of permanent fillers. • Chemical peels (superficial and medium : alphahydroxyacids, TCA) • Stretch marks • Acne and acne scar treatment • Rejuvenation of hands • Mesotherapy for hair loss • Axillary hyperhydrosis

COMPREHENSIVE approach to anti-aging :

• Micronutrtion • Anti-aging evaluation : Metabolism, lifestyle health, environment • Stress oxydative and fatty acids blood workers • Individualized health regimens